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Navasakthi Relax oil can be used from foot to neck of a body to relieve tension and pain. Good massage with this Relax oil followed by bath using like warm water may provide full benefits. There are no side effects due to no chemicals.

Key Benefits:

  • Navasakthi Relax Oil formulated with ingredients which has antirheumatic properties.
  • So, it may be helpful to reduce arthritis and inflammation.
  • Relax oil may provide pain relief and redness.
  • Flavor of this oil may induce sleep by relaxing muscles.

Directions of use:
step1: Take small quantity of relax oil and start massaging into knee joints or muscular areas with circular strokes.
step2: Massage rest of the body using long stroke on the limb and long areas of the body.
step3: After 30minutes,wash with warm water on the massaged areas.

Additional information

Weight100 g



Cow Dung Milk, Goark, Green Camphor, Oma Salt, Sesame Oil


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