About Us

Who we are?

Navasakthi Goveda was founded in the year of 2017. We established this Goshala and organization due to our endless fondness towards Desi breeds. Our organization is a thriving young manufacturer of Desi Cow based products from our own Desi cow Goshala which is placed in Palavanatham, Tamilnadu. We engaged into an indigenous breed of Cow Goshala and production of quality cow-based products. We eternally worship Cow as equal to our mother. We do have different native breed cows. Our Goshala is a wide spread land. Which is useful for our cows to graze around the Goshala land for an exercise. Especially this Desi breed need some physical exercise for being healthy as well as to provide its full-fledged benefits. Every day we let our cows to enjoy listening of Mohana Ragam (melody song) which may help to soothe them and boosting them for milking. We feed our native breeds with green fodders and dried fodders. We always encourage natural breeding process in our Goshala.

What is Goshala?

Goshala is the protective shelter of Cattles where we preserving all Native breeds. Goshalas take care of all native breeds with good care till their last stage.

Mission & Vision

  • Our main mission to keep alive the lost knowledge of the Ancients importance and values on Desi cow to our current generation.

  • To preserve our endangered Native Indian breeds and also get benefited from their valuable by-products such as cow dung, cow gomutur .

  • We would like to provide good quality of desi cow products.

Why Desi Cows?

Desi Cows have been a stable support to our mother nature for centuries. Native breed cow has hump, long ears, skin is hanging on the neck side. There is a belief that this breed has Suryaketu nerve on the back which absorbs all goodness from the atmosphere and nourishes the milk, dung, gomutur more. It has the ability to tolerate all kind of weather such as extreme heat, rain, cold.

What is A2 Milk?

Based on Vedas and Scientific research A2 milk from native breed cow will be beneficial for human health. Once upon a time all milk has only A2 protein. Genetic mutation has happened thousands of years ago in some Europe cow breed which has A1- beta casein protein. This A1 milk has ability to cause some health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, auto-immune diseases etc. Opposite to that A2 milk has many health benefits. This A2 milk is sweet in taste and coolant effect on the body. A2 milk improves immunity as well as nourishes body tissues. The cow milk is one of the healthy drinks because of low calorie, low cholesterol and high micro nutrients/vitamins. It has high moisture, carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin C, sodium potassium.