Made from Cow Snanam Flavoured with lemon 100% Natural Cow Dung Ash based Panchagavya Tooth Powder Pure Ghee from Desi Gir Cow made from A2 milk from our own Gir cows

Welcome to our Navasakthi Goveda!

As Hindu Vedas say that cow is Holy and it should be worshipped. When it comes to Desi cow products, we would love to provide with purity and love. We are manufacturing milk Products and Cow dung derived products which may lead you to experience fulfilled benefits of Desi cow. We also producing Panchakavya products which is formulated with any one of the cow-based products such as cow ghee, cow dung, cow gomutur , cow curd. Do shop with us and try our products. Have a happy shopping.

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